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Let's Do It.


I'm so excited to meet you! Just fill out the form below in full and let's start our adventure together. If you're new to this, please don't be nervous - I'm very newbie-friendly. 

Screening for my personal safety and wellbeing, and is only as painful as you make it. ;) All new friends must screen, no exceptions. All of your information will be protected with this utmost discretion, seen by no one else but my assistant and me, stored securely and deleted permanently as soon as we have met. (Please keep in mind that blackmail is a federal crime so my stellar reputation aside, I would be extremely foolhardy to ever attempt to use any information in nefarious ways.)

Screening OPTIONS 

  • ID 

1. Please send a photo of the front of your government ID and a selfie, or a selfie of you holding your ID up to your face so that it is legible, to
- Feel free to censor your home address if you wish.

- If you would like to upload this to a fileshare and share it with me, or send it to my alternative discreet male-named anonymous email address rather than emailing it to me directly, please ask.


  • Employment Information

1. Please provide either your established LinkedIn profile (ie. with work history and connections) or your professional online presence (such as a company website or profile).
2. I will then have you send an email from your work email address to prove that you are the person in the profile.

- Please request my aforementioned discreet email address if you would prefer not to send this email to me directly.

- You can also provide a business card or your government ID in lieu of a work email address.

  • references

Two recent (in the last six months), reputable (independent companions with a verifiable internet presence) references. Please note that depending on the engagement, references alone may not be sufficient as screening. 

I aim to respond to all complete inquiries within 24 hours of receipt. If you'd rather send me all of this information by email, please contact my assistant  at

about you

your screening information

If you wish to screen using ID, please email a photo of yourself holding your [legible] ID to, or if you wish to send it to my discreet unlisted email address, please mention this in the About You box.

our date

Desired Experience
Who's hosting?

and finally...

successfully submitted!

By submitting this form, you also consent to subscribing to my newsletter. If you do not wish to subscribe, please inform me by email or in the About You box above. You may unsubscribe at any time using the provided link at the bottom of the newsletter.

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