one hour

one + a half hours

two hours

three hours

four hours

six hours

fourteen hours

hors d'oeuvres




dinner date

night or day out

stay the night









You'll see that my considerations are weighted towards longer meetings; this is because I really enjoy the antici.... pation of an intimate evening over dinner or at an event, which gives us a chance to practice the dying art of real-life flirting. ;)

I host from luxury hotels (4* and above).

All payment is, of course, for my time and undivided attention only.

Couples, I love you! Please add $200 to each posted consideration and acknowledge there's a 1.5 hour minimum date for a three person engagement and I need to hear from both of you by email before we confirm. 

In-date extensions, schedule permitting: $1000 per hour.


Rescheduling :  please give at least 48 hours' notice

Cancellations :  less than 48 hours' notice - future deposits required;
less than 24 hours' notice - 50% fee of full date amount


Not everyone lives in a coastal city. I'm happy to fly to your city for my standard considerations plus my travel expenses.

  • First-class air tickets will be paid for by you.

  • Our meeting location will be arranged by you.

  • A 30% deposit is required for all FMTY dates.



I"ve been an expat since I was seven, so when I say I know how to travel, safe to say I really know how to travel. Passport, TUMI suitcase, and me: you're all set. 

You and me together for a perfect day and night. Leave your problems at the door and let me salve your body + soul. The ultimate exploration of me as lover, friend, confidante. A weekend of relaxation by the sea? Two days of debauchery in Vegas or NYC? The world is yours.

twenty-four hours

the weekend | 2 days

subsequent days







  • All payment is of course for my time and undivided attention only.

  • I accept cash or Bitcoin. Electronic payment is available to trusted clients.

  • If you are paying in cash, please leave the consideration in an unsealed envelope somewhere obvious in the room. If we're in public you can pass me a card or book at a discreet moment.

  • Please note I'm unable to visit you at your home or private apartment if you're a new friend unless you're willing to go through additional screening.​

  • I'm happy to drive to meet you for up to 45 minutes each way for a two-hour minimum date.

  • Having lived in busy cities so long, I'm punctual to a fault. I offer a ten minute grace period, but if you're more than ten minutes late, I'm afraid the length of our time together will be affected. 

  • If I have to cancel (extremely unlikely), I will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible and of course return any deposits immediately.

  • I need a couple of hours of private time per day for trips longer than 24 hours, and at least 7 hours of sleep a night in order to not be a total zombie.


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