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You'll see that my considerations are weighted towards longer meetings. I always prioritise longer dates in my diary. Nothing makes more of a favourable first impression on me than a new friend who books a longer date!

If in doubt, and if we haven't met before, you can't go wrong with my 3 (drinks) or 4 (dinner) hour packages.

The reason for this rate structure is that over years of highly scientific data collection, I have come to the conclusion that having to be "good" in public for a few hours is the perfect aphrodisiac.

risqué  a more intense, sensual + wild experience  |  +$500 per date  | minimum 2h

bespoke  |  submissive/kink experiences  |  +$1000 per date  |  minimum 2h  

gold dust woman brief encounters

|  a blink  |  700 at home, outcall only  |   1000  on tour 

1.5 |  fleeting visit  |  900 at home   1500 on tour

|  an introduction  |  1200 at home  1800 on tour

3 |  cocktails, coffee  |  preferred minimum for new friends |  1600 at home  2500 on tour

4 |  dinner/lunch date |  2000 at home |  3000 on tour

isn't it midnight deeper connections

6 |  evening/day out  |  3000 at home |  4000 on tour

8  whole day/night out  |   4000 at home |  5000 on tour

~14 |  overnight  |  5000 at home |  6000 on tour

24 |  whole day + night  |  7500 

48 | dirty weekend  |  10,000 

incall +$200 in Austin TX for a 4* or above discreet hotel incall. Provided on tour unless otherwise stated.

Suite life +$800~. Allow me to arrange a luxe suite for us at a top hotel for maximum space, privacy, and vibe.

dates of 2h or more 1) are my fav and 2) require some kind of refreshments (wine, bubbles, tea, coffee, fresh juice, your favourite macarons, cheese, whatever!) or activity (a bar, dinner, the theatre, a concert, an art gallery...). If you would like me to provide the refreshments please just ask and kindly add $100.

in-date extensions scheduling allowing, +$700/h in Austin, +$900/h on tour. 


couples yes please! +$100 per hour, 2h minimum 

dUOS yes please! my rate + hers. Please note I only duo with women with whom I have an existing connection. See my friends page for some ideas in various cities, or ask me for my list of more under-the-radar babes. ;)


local travel (1h+ one way) +$200

please see the fine print for cancellation policies + further details

still have questions? please see  my FAQ

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