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Sensual Kink: Bespoke Experiences.

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Have you ever wanted to take a proper young lady and teach her a lesson by administering a hard, fair spanking to her pretty round bottom? How about disciplining an insouciant Catholic private schoolgirl whose homework is late again? Ever imagined calling your lovely, shy secretary into your office, closing the door, bending her over your desk, and... ?


You've probably realised that it's power and control rather than pain that gets me going. In short: I go weak-kneed and panting for some crisp commands followed by a hard spanking over a knee (or desk). It's all about setting the scene, the buildup, the psychological mindplay.​

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I also have a particular weakness for being tied firmly down in a variety of imaginative positions and then pleasantly tortured for an hour or so. I tend to lose myself completely when this happens; I hope your walls are thick, or that you brought a suitable gag. Sensory deprivation equipment, vis-a-vis blindfold and earplugs, are part of every good submissive's essential travel kit.


By virtue of my approachable and open nature, I often tend to attract those men who are entirely new to this world. If you've always had the fantasies but never acted upon them, I offer a safe, welcoming space in which to do so. Who knows? In the process you may discover more about yourself, as well as about me. 


Bespoke Packages.

+1000 flat additional fee per date of 1.5/3/4h

+1500 flat additional fee per date 6-14h

multi-day dates: at my discretion  


Please note additional screening is required for all Bespoke dates.

I will provide all restraints, toys + necessary accoutrements, although you're welcome to bring along your favourites too.

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