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travel companionship


 When I say I know how to travel, safe to say I really know how to travel! I've been an expat since I was seven years old and have been to more than 40 countries. I'm fluent in four languages (meet me and find out what they are) and can order a drink in seven.


I also have a real talent for never having a bad meal while abroad. I love little local restaurants and love doing the research to find them. Above all, I have an unending curiosity for new places and am always an enthusiastic and engaged travel partner who spends minimal time checking Instagram.

If you'd like to plan something truly epic and meet for longer than an overnight date, please email me before submitting your booking form so we can create our perfect itinerary.

Five day trip


seven day trip


+ 1st class/business airfare + my hotel expenses + $150 travel incidentals fee.

50% deposit of this total required to book.

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