Some of my lovely friends agreed to write sweet nothings about me - how nice!

Just so you know I'm not obsessively writing these love notes to myself, you can find some tasteful reviews to which I consented, here.

Back when The Site That Must Not Be Named was a thing, I scored an aggregate 9.87, whatever you may infer from that. 


Serena is amazing in all of the ways you would expect, and in many ways you might not expect. She excited me both physically and mentally, and perhaps more importantly, made me feel like I excited her in both of those ways as well. For three (much too short) hours, she felt like my best friend, with the best benefits, rather than just a ”provider".

I feel like I got to know her intimately, both above the neck and below. (And what a lovely neck.)

I think about Serena regularly. My time with her was life-affirming. She is a truly extraordinary human being.

- S, NYC

Where to begin? Serena is gorgeous. Serena is beautifully curvaceous. She’s elegant. She’s fully present. She’s super-smart and well-read. She’s interesting. She’s a conversationalist. She’s fun. She has a terrific sense of humor. She’s kind. She’s lovely. She is a wonderful woman. A dream (And did I say she’s beautiful? And that her curves are to die for? I guess I kinda did... but it’s worth repeating

Bottom line, Serena is an absolute pleasure to spend time with. I thoroughly enjoy my time with her... in the bar and, yes, most definitely, in the bedroom.

Thank you, Serena! I can’t help but smile when I think of you. And I can’t wait to see you again."

- D, NYC


Thank you for being so kind to me last night. I feel really lucky to have met you. I'm so looking forward to seeing you again.

- N, SF

Meeting with Serena Lang is like meeting a friend with whom you share a natural, easy chemistry. It begins with casual conversation -- catching up on each others' lives, current events, new year resolutions -- over some pastries I picked up for our hang. A laid-back vibe turns sensual with a costume change; then teasing and coaxing, each move telegraphing mutual desire. It's best to listen and take heed; to take turns with the lead, each twist connecting and pushing and elevating. For then you will be rewarded another memorable reverie from which to draw precious succor until next time.

- G, SF


The issue with me being so confident in my praise is that you might come to discount it as often as it does, but know this: you are a stunning woman. Bright, vibrant, witty, and achingly beautiful.

- L, NYC

Rather than tell you things you can already see — that Serena is a beautiful woman — I’ll share a secret: Serena has a fire inside her.

Hints when you meet her: the brightness of her laugh, the sparkle in her smile and the smolder in her eyes when you’re in public place. Heat when she lays her hand on yours. flashes when she moves.

In private, her fire pops and jumps. It takes nothing for it to explode, to consume you in a moment’s kiss that leads to an inferno. What she wants is for you control that fire. She revels in your banking her passion, so it slowly warms you as you explore her. She leans into your whispered breath, her eyes flaring up. she’ll glow white hot around you, dancing with each pump of the bellows. It is standing in a forge, making something the world has never seen before or since. Afterwards she’s next to you warm and bright: The first human invention, in your arms flickering again just for you.

Serena, like fire, is a wonderful servant and a dangerous mistress.


- K, NYC

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