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  • Booking | Serena Lang

    Let's make a date! ​ I'm so excited to meet you! Just fill out the form below in full and let's start our adventure together. If you're new to this, please don't be nervous - I'm very newbie-friendly. ​ Screening for my personal safety and wellbeing, and is only as painful as you make it. ;) All new friends must screen, no exceptions. All of your information will be protected with this utmost discretion, seen by no one else but my assistant and me, stored securely and deleted permanently as soon as we have met. (Please keep in mind that blackmail is a federal crime so my stellar reputation aside, I would be extremely foolhardy to ever attempt to use any information in nefarious ways.) Screening OPTIONS ID 1. Please send a photo of the front of your government ID and a selfie, or a selfie of you holding your ID up to your face so that it is legible , to . - Feel free to censor your home address if you wish. - If you would like to upload this to a fileshare and share it with me, or send it to my alternative discreet male-named anonymous email address rather than emailing it to me directly, please ask. Employment Information 1. Please provide either your established LinkedIn profile (ie. with work history and connections) or your professional online presence (such as a company website or profile). 2. I will then have you send an email from your work email address to prove that you are the person in the profile. - Please request my aforementioned discreet email address if you would prefer not to send this email to me directly. - You can also provide a business card or your government ID in lieu of a work email address. ​ references Two recent (in the last six months), reputable (independent companions with a verifiable internet presence) references . Please note that depending on the engagement, references alone may not be sufficient as screening. I aim to respond to all complete inquiries within 24 hours of receipt. If you'd rather send me all of this information by email, please contact my assistant at . ​ about you Legal First name Legal Last Name Age Email Phone A little bit about you and what you're looking for your screening information Your preferred screening method Choose an option If you wish to screen using ID, please email a photo of yourself holding your [legible] ID to , or if you wish to send it to my discreet unlisted email address, please mention this in the About You box. Linkedin profile url/online professional presence References our date Desired date desired time Desired city Desired duration Desired Experience Girlfriend Risqué Bespoke Who's hosting? I'm going to host [outcall date] I'd like you to host [incall date] and finally... Where did you find me? Choose an option Submit successfully submitted! By submitting this form, you also consent to subscribing to my newsletter. If you do not wish to subscribe, please inform me by email or in the About You box above. You may unsubscribe at any time using the provided link at the bottom of the newsletter.

  • FRIENDS | Serena Lang

    Three's Company - Friends. Austin. Cora Stone olivia arden kennedy quinn Houston. christine buonarotti San Francisco. emma burke natalie byrne Anchor 3 Los Angeles. maya rose New York City. shae ashbury such jones Anchor 4 Washington DC. christine buonarotti leana lane Anchor 5

  • Portfolio | Serena Lang

    spring '23. crazy love vol II autumn '22. cecelia summer '22. kodachrome SPRING '22. fifty ways to leave your lover fall '21. diamonds on the soles of her shoes

  • The Fine Print | Serena Lang

    the fine print Same-day meetings I am busy and generally require at least 24 hours' notice to meet. In the rare circumstance I can accommodate a same-day request, this will incur a 50% "rush fee". per-date flat fee +50% of full consideration ​ ​ in-date extensions Schedule permitting. per additional hour $800 ​ ​ COuples Yes please! I love you, couples - please don't be shy! I'm genuinely 100% bisexual in my private life, and very much enjoy the physical and romantic company of women. I'm the perfect first female encounter for your wife or girlfriend, and will go as slowly or as fast as her comfort level allows. I have a two hour minimum for couples because after long experience I've found that any less is not long enough for the three of us to be comfortable. This goes double if it's your first time booking a companion as a couple. If in doubt, book a longer date. two hour minimum per-date flat fee $400 ​ ​ Local travel Dates that require over an hour's travel each way incur an additional fee for my time. per-date flat fee $250 ​ ​ incall dates (You visit me) Setting and ambiance are of the utmost importance to me. I host from luxury hotels (4* and above). Please add $150 to partially subsidize my hosting cost in Austin. I will cover the remainder. (If I am touring, this hosting fee does not apply.) Let me arrange us a beautiful, discreet hideaway in a location convenient for you. Please note that I require a 30% deposit to be paid in advance of all incall dates. This can be paid via any of the following methods: CashApp; Venmo; PayPal; BitCoin; Amazon giftcard. per-date flat fee $150 Deposit 30% of total consideration ​ ​ OUTcall dates (I visit YOU) I am happy to meet you at your upscale hotel (4* and above). I'm afraid I can't meet new friends at private residences. ​ Deposits Please note that I require a 30% deposit of the total consideration to be paid in advance in the following circumstances: All incall dates All outcall dates with new friends All fly me/drive me to you dates This can be paid via any of the following methods: CashApp; Venmo; PayPal; BitCoin; Amazon gift card; other gift card (to be agreed upon). Please note all deposits have a validity period of 6 months, after which they will be void. ​ More questions? Please see my FAQ . ​ ​

  • Considerations | Serena Lang

    Considerations. You'll see that my considerations are weighted towards longer meetings. I always prioritise longer dates in my diary. Nothing makes more of a favourable first impression on me than a new friend who books a longer date. If in doubt, and if we haven't met before, you can't go wrong with my 3 (drinks) or 4 (dinner) hour packages. rumours brief encounters ONE HOUR | a blink | 1000 outcall or on tour only ONE AND A HALF HOURS | fleeting visit | 1300 TWO HOURS * | an introduction | 1600 THREE HOURS | cocktails, coffee? | 2000 recommended minimum for new friends * dates of two hours or more 1) are my favourite and 2) require some kind of refreshments (wine, bubbles, tea, coffee, fresh juice, your favourite macarons, cheese, whatever!) or activity (a bar, dinner, the theatre, a concert, an art gallery...). If you would like me to provide the refreshments please just ask and kindly add $100 gold dust woman most requested, most desired FOUR HOURS | dinner/lunch date | 2500 Five TO six HOURS | long dinner/lunch date or evening/afternoon out | 3500 EIGHT TO TEN HOURS | whole day/night out | 4500 fourteen hours | overnight | 5500 sixteen to eighteen HOURS | overnight + breakfast in bed | 6500 isn't it midnight deeper connections twenty-four HOURS | 8000 forty-eight HOURS | 12,000 IN-DATE EXTENSIONS Yes please, schedule allowing! +1000/h ​ Premium Experiences. risqué A more intense, sensual, and wild experience. Let's take things to the next level together. Your girlfriend ... with very few limits. +500 per date up to 4 hours; +10 00 per date 6-14 hours; longer: at my discretion ​ bespoke/sensual kink Bespoke submissive and kink experiences for those interested in exploring the exquisite heights and psychological push and pull of sensual domination and submission. +1000 per date up to 4 hours; +2000 per date 6-14 hours; longer: at my discretion Frequently Asked, Answered. Where are you based? Where can I meet you? I am based in Austin, Texas as of 2022. I host from upscale hotels (4/5 star) in the Austin area. I am delighted to meet you at your upscale hotel. I'm afraid I cannot visit the private residences/homes of new friends. I can travel to meet you in the following local areas: Dripping Springs: 2 hour minimum + $150 travel fee San Antonio: 4 hour minimum + $200 travel fee + my hotel expenses (if our date ends at or after 11pm or if we will be drinking alcohol). Dallas: 6 hour minimum + $200 travel fee + my hotel expenses. Houston: 6 hour minimum + $200 travel fee + my hotel expenses. I also travel relatively frequently. Sign up for my newsletter and follow me on Twitter to stay abreast of my touring schedule. Do you have an incall? Can you come to my hotel? Incall (you visit me) Setting and ambiance are of the utmost importance to me. I host from luxury hotels (4*+) and always prioritize discretion. Please add $150 to partially subsidize my hosting cost in Austin. If you would like a specific hotel or a suite, please cover the entire amount. (If I am touring, this hosting fee does not apply unless you would like me to host in a different city than the one I am visiting; eg. I am touring NYC and you would like me to host in NJ.) Let me arrange us a beautiful, discreet hideaway in a location convenient for you. Incall+: the suite life Allow me to arrange a luxe suite for us at a top hotel for maximum space, privacy, and vibe. Please add $800. Outcall (I visit you) I am happy to meet you at your upscale hotel (4* and above) up to a 45 minute drive/Uber one way from my location (further will incur a local travel fee of $200). I'm afraid I cannot meet new friends at private residences. Do you see couples? Do you like them? YES! I love you, couples - please don't be shy! I'm genuinely 100% bisexual in my private life, and very much enjoy the physical and romantic company of women. Please add a flat $500 to all posted rates if there are two of you. I'm the perfect first female encounter for your wife or girlfriend, and will go as slowly or as fast as her comfort level allows. I have a two hour minimum for couples because after long experience I've found that any less is not long enough for the three of us to be comfortable. This goes double if it's your first time booking a companion as a couple. If in doubt, book a longer date. And guys - do NOT surprise her. Please, trust me on this. Do you do duos? Can you recommend any companions to join us? Enthusiastically "yes please!" to the idea of "the more the merrier"! If you'd like me to recommend someone, I have a little black book full of gorgeous fun women in basically all the major cities of the world: some are listed here but some are under the radar. Ask and your wish shall be fulfilled. A few notes: - Ménage à trois considerations: mine + theirs. - If you'd like to invite someone to join us, you and I should have met one-on-one at least once before. - Please contact me first via email before extending any invitations. - Please note that all ménage à trois dates must be at least two hours. (I recommend four so we can all play three-way footsie at dinner and everyone in the restaurant is jealous of you.) Do you require deposits? Yes; a 25% deposit of the total consideration is required for all dates, which can be paid via any of the following methods: CashApp; Venmo; PayPal F&F; BitCoin; Amazon gift card; Wishtender; other gift card (to be agreed upon in advance). If you are unable to make a digital deposit you may send cash to my PO Box address (please enquire). Please note that deposits are non-refundable unless I have to cancel (which has happened exactly once in the last four years), in which case I will refund your deposit within 24 hours. If something comes up and you are unable to honour our date, you may put the deposit towards another date within a 3 month period (subject to my availability) of the original date, subject to my Cancellation Policy. How should I present you with the consideration? Please have it ready at the very beginning of our date in an unsealed envelope. If you are visiting me, place it somewhere obvious in the room such as on the desk or on top of the chest of drawers; please do not hand it directly to me. If I am visiting you, please have it placed ready in the bathroom before I arrive. If we are meeting in public, feel free to get creative: you can pass me a card, book (whatever your favourite may be!), or gift bag at a discreet moment at the beginning of our date with the consideration inside. What payment methods do you accept? Cash (still king)! Trusted friends may use certain digital payments with prior written agreement. What do you wear to dates? Do you take outfit/lingerie requests? On dates I err on the side of smart-casual or business-appropriate attire such as a silk shirt and fitted skirt, fitted designer dress, etc. I guarantee you will like what I wear. My style can be described as elegant and classic but sexy. Regarding requests, I'm happy to wear something in the broad category you desire, such as "athleisure", "little black dress", "jeans"; however I do not take specific outfit requests unless you purchase something from my wishlist and ask me to wear it for our date, in which case I am happy to oblige. You may also send me funds to purchase an outfit or item of clothing and I can bring it or wear it to our date. What is your cancellation policy? I understand that sometimes life happens and rescheduling or cancelling our date may be unavoidable. However, please understand that I plan my week in advance, and when I schedule a date with you, I have planned my day around it, and may have also turned down other opportunities so that we can meet. As such, please honor my cancellation fees to ensure smooth booking of myself and my colleagues in future. ​ Cancellation Fees More than 48 hours' notice: 50% of the total consideration Less than 48 hours' notice: 100% of the total consideration Multiple cancellations will affect my ability to fit you into my schedule in the future. Failure to pay the requested cancellation fee within 48 hours of the cancellation will result in your behaviour being reported to the wider community (blacklisting) and a lifetime ban from seeing me. If I have to cancel or reschedule on my end (extremely unlikely), I will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible and of course return any deposits immediately. Why didn't I get a reply to my email/booking form submission? Since I have a day career and a full life outside of this delightful little world, I ask that you give me at least 24 hours to respond to your enquiry. Please take note of the auto-response you should have received when emailing me; when I am on holiday, I do not check my email until my return. If you have not received a reply within 48 hours, please re-read what you sent me and ensure that you included all of the requested information; that it was polite and respectful; and that you did not refer to any specific sexual acts. I will not respond to emails that do not fulfill these criteria. If your email ticks all the boxes and you still have not received a response, please send me a gentle nudge. Sometimes emails go astray or get buried. fineprint

  • Texas Considerations | Serena Lang

    texas considerations also applicable in: chicago, st louis, salt lake city, minneapolis You'll see that my considerations are weighted towards longer meetings. This is because I really enjoy the antici.... pation of an intimate evening over dinner or at an event, which gives us a chance to practice the dying art of real-life flirting. recommended minimum for new friends most requested one HOUR Barest hello. $800 ​ one HOUR and a half You'll want more. $1200 ​ ​ two hours You deserve it! Enough time to really relax and get to know each other. $1500 ​ ​ ​ three hours | COCKTAIL DATE An hour for drinks beforehand, two hours private time. Let's try a bit of that IRL flirting, shall we? $2000 ​ ​ ​ four hours | LUNCH or Dinner DATE Two hours for dining, two hours' private time. Footsie under the table, an intimate corner booth. My favourite! $2400 ​ ​ Six hours | EVENING OUT The entire evening from dusk til when my pumpkin carriage comes to collect me. Dinner and perhaps a show? And of course plenty of private time. $3000 ​ ​ EIGHT hours | Afternoon + evening TOGETHER Alive with possibilities. How shall we spend it? $3500 ​ Fourteen hours | sleepover Let's go to bed together and wake up together. $5000 ​ ​ twenty-four hours $6500 ​ forty-eight hours/The weekend $9,000 ​ ​ subsequent days $3000 ​ risqué | a more intense, sensual + wild experience | please enquire for details + rates bespoke | submissive/kink experiences | see bespoke page for details + rates

  • Austin Date Night Guide | Serena Lang

    Serena's Date Night Guide to Austin, Texas. Perla's A SoCo fixture since 2009, Perla's is a go-to for fresh seafood and oysters flown in daily from the coasts (I'll wartch you eat them!) served on one of Austin's loveliest outdoor patios shaded by mature oak trees. book us a table ​ Barley Swine A constantly changing seasonal prix fixe menu which showcases local farms and regional ingredients, this is one of the most innovative restaurants in the city. book us a table ​ Lutie's One of the prettiest settings in Austin with hundreds of plants hanging from the ceiling, Lutie’s is the flagship restaurant at the Commodore Perry estate restaurant (also an excellent hotel if you're looking for one) which serves a fresh, local, chef-driven menu. book us a table ​ Jeffrey's Described by Bon Appetit as having a "laid-back modern country-club vibe", Jeffrey's is an unapologetically glamorous fine-dining steakhouse that serves a perfectly seared 35 day dry-aged Texas porterhouse. Let the meat commence. book us a table ​ Garrison Tucked inside the Fairmont, Garrison features elevated dishes cooked on an open flame. Chef de cuisine Jason Purcell previously cooked at Bouchon, Aureole and Farmshop. (We're definitely getting the tater tots with black truffles and Gruyère foam.) book us a table ​ Sushi | Bar A speakeasy-style sushi bar on the very hip East Side with just ten seats, Sushi | Bar serves a 17-course o-makase dinner with playful takes on traditional nigiri. Reservations are released at noon on the first of every month. book us a table ​ Otoko Yoshi Okai heads up this initimate twelve-seat o-makase restaurant that blends tokyo-style sushi and kyoto-style kaiseki into a seasonal delight inside the hip South Congress Hotel. book us a table ​ emmer + rye One of the best meals I've had in the last six months, this is the sister restaurant to Hestia. It's based around the farm-to-table concept with a seasonal menu that changes daily. Their take on cacio e pepe from a couple of months ago was Rome-level delicious. book us a table restaurants ​ Hestia Named after the Greek goddess of the hearth, Hestia boasts a custom 20-ft hearth and a menu which highlights the role of fire in food. Epic wine list. book us a table Olamaie Gorgeous upscale Southern cuisine by executive chef Michael Fojtasek named after five generations of women in his family. Triple James Beard finalist. book us a table ​ Uchi Literally meaning "home", chef and Tokyo-trained sushi master Tyson Cole serves up delightfully-presented Japanese fusion cuisine in intimate surrounds. book us a table Red Ash One of the hottest tables in Austin as of 2022, executive chef John Carver showcases Northern and Southern Italian cuisine prepared on a customer wood-burning grill, home-made desserts, and an excellent wine list. book us a table ​ Maie Day A playful take on the traditional steakhouse which aims to get away from the stuffy darkly-lit room, this is Olamaie's Michael Fojtasek's newest venture. book us a table ​ Truluck’s The aforementioned traditional steakhouse! An Austin rarity in that it has a strict dress code, Truluck's is a great choice if you just want a really good Texas steak in upscale surroundings (which let's face it, sometimes that's all you need for a great night). The lobster tail is also excellent. book us a table Lenoir Named after the Texas Hill Country grape, Lenoir is a regionally and seasonally-focused restaurant that showcases Central Texas ingredients with "spice, heat and robust flavor". book us a table El Naranjo Oaxacan chef Iliana de la Vega, winner of 2022's James Beard award for Best Chef in Texas, serves traditional, elevated Mexican cuisine. The homemade tortillas are a highlight. book us a table ​ tiki tatsu-ya Hidden behind the front of a fake Japanese travel agency, this tiki-themed speakeasy is a sister to the excellent Ramen Tatsu-ya next door. Reservations are still hard to get as of summer 2022, so plan early! book us a table ​ honey moon spirit lounge A romantic's dream, velvet booths sit beneath a chandelier and purple lighting at this adorable little spot. If you like espresso martinis (and be honest, they may be deeply uncool but who doesn't?) then you have to try the Full Salute. I sometimes have dreams about their cheese plate. book us a table BARS The roosevelt room Step back in time and let's play Gatsby at this dark, intimate bar where craft cocktails are categorized by era. My fav is the Clover Club, a Prohibition-era favourite made with gin, raspberries, and lychee. book us a table ​ milonga room An intimate speakeasy beneath the Argentinian restaurant Buenos Aires Cafe decorated in 1920's art deco style which serves seasonal crafted cocktails and tapas alongside live music. book us a table ​ ah sing den This beautifully appointed velvet-furnished cocktail lounge has an Asian-inspired menu but is named after an infamous opium den in Victorian London. The soup dumplings are top notch. book us a table ​ codependent A bastion of the "new Austin", this stylish mid-century modern lounge downtown features a beautiful crowd, live jazz, gorgeous charcuterie boards & desserts, as well as some of the best craft cocktails in the city. Great wine list too. book us a table ​ parker jazz club A jazz club designed by a musician for musicians. In this intimate basement there's nightly live music plus beer, wine and creative craft cocktails. book us a table ​ garage One of the best speakeasies in Austin (in my opinion), Garage is hidden inside an actual functioning parking garage. Exceedingly romantic, you enjoy your stellar creative cocktails by candlelight. book us a table here nor there Make reservations to this exclusive speakeasy through their dedicated app, which will reveal a secret code before your scheduled time that will let you through the gate. The life-sized stuffed bear holding a tray of champagne is a personal highlight. book us a table ​ the red room at the W Always a scene, this upbeat but intimately-lit bar at the W with a fantastic wine list is great for a bit of see and be seen with cosy, dark booths in the corners. book us a table ​ elephant room "Cool jazz in the basement since 1991" is their tagline, and that says it all, really. A very storied and hip "old Austin" choice. book us a table ​ small victory Another parking garage speakeasy! A cute little bar with a red gate, Small Victory has friendly and knowledgable bartenders and an extensive cocktail list. book us a table ​ midnight cowboy One of the oldest speakeasies in Austin, this spot has a special place in my heart because it used to be a brothel pretending to be a massage parlour; the original name was Midnight Cowboy Modeling Oriental Massage. They celebrate their origins with the eclectic decor. book us a table ​ higher ground A "sanctuary-with-a-twist", this quirky church-themed two-storey bar features cocktails named after the seven deadly sins, stained glass windows, religious icons, and wooden archways sourced from around the world downstairs, while upstairs there's another bar and an adorable outdoor patio with (wait for it) a church organ which has been converted into a DJ booth. Only in Austin. book us a table ​ ​

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