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The cure for ennui?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

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Niijima, or ‘new island’, a tiny volcanic island in the Philippine Sea with a population of under two thousand people: this is where I spent my long weekend.

To be honest, even if I’d had cell reception I wouldn’t have answered any emails. It’s good to be out of reach sometimes. It also makes me realise how much of the time I spend looking at my phone screen in the city.

I have this ‘seen it all, done it all’ feeling in Tokyo that I’ve talked to some clients about and that I’ve been trying to shake for the last eighteen months or so, but it’s stubborn and won’t be shaken off. I’m essentially addicted to new experiences, and after eleven years in Tokyo (I’ve been here since I was fourteen), the biggest city in the world is no longer entertaining me the way it used to.

I have a busy travel schedule planned for the next couple of months, plus a trip to several beautiful places in Japan with a favourite man in October, so hopefully that will help lift the ennui.

(This whole post was basically an excuse for me to use the word ‘ennui’. I kid, but really, any excuse to use it and I will. That and ‘folie à deux’. If you want to score points with me – and I know you all do – dropping random French words into conversation is one relatively easy way to do it.)

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