You'll see that my considerations are weighted towards longer meetings. This is because I really enjoy the antici.... pation of an intimate evening over dinner or at an event, which gives us a chance to practice the dying art of real-life flirting. 

risqué  a more intense "pse" style experience  |  please enquire for details

bespoke  |  submissive/kink sessions  |  please enquire for details

one hour 

Barest introduction.

girlfriend  $1000  |  risqué  $1200  |  bespoke  $1400 

one HOUR and a half 

Civilised introduction; recommended minimum for new friends.

girlfriend  $1500  |  risqué  $1700  |  bespoke  $1900   

two hours 

You deserve it! Enough time to really relax and get to know each other. 

girlfriend  $2000  |  risqué  $2400  |  bespoke  $2600 


three hours  |   COCKTAIL DATE

An hour for drinks beforehand, two hours private time.

Let's try a bit of that IRL flirting, shall we?  

girlfriend  $2500  |  risqué  $3100  |  bespoke  $3700 


four hours  |   LUNCH or Dinner DATE

Two hours for dining, two hours' private time.

Footsy under the table, an intimate corner booth.

My absolute favourite.

girlfriend  $3000  |  risqué  $3800  |  bespoke  $4600 


Six hours  |   EVENING OUT

The entire evening from dusk til when my pumpkin carriage comes to collect me.

Dinner and perhaps a show? And of course plenty of private time. 

girlfriend  $4000  |  risqué  $5200  |  bespoke  $6400 


How shall we spend it?

girlfriend  $5000  |  risqué  $6600  |  bespoke  $8200 


twelve hours  |   sleepover

Let's go to bed together and wake up together.

girlfriend  $7000  |  risqué  $8800  |  bespoke  $11,600 



the fine print

Same-day meetings

I am busy and generally require at least 24 hours' notice to meet. In the rare circumstance I can accommodate a same-day request, this will incur a 50% "rush fee".

Additional per-date flat fee +50% of full consideration 

in-date extensions

Schedule permitting.

per additional hour  $1000 


Yes please! I love you, couples - please don't be shy! I'm genuinely 100% bisexual in my private life, and very much enjoy the physical and romantic company of women.

I'm the perfect first female encounter for your wife or girlfriend, and will go as slowly or as fast as her comfort level allows.

I have a 1.5 hour minimum for couples because after long experience I've found that any less is not long enough for the three of us to be comfortable. This goes double if it's your first time booking an escort as a couple. If in doubt, book a longer date.

additional per-date flat fee  $500 

Local travel

Dates that require over an hour's travel each way incur an additional fee for my time.

additional per-date flat fee  $300 

incall dates (You visit me)

Setting and ambiance are of the utmost importance to me.

I host from luxury hotels (4* and above).

Please add $150 to partially subsidize my hosting cost. I will cover the remainder.

Let me arrange us a beautiful, discreet hideaway in a location convenient for you.

per-date flat fee  $150 

OUTcall dates (I visit YOU)

I am happy to meet you at your upscale hotel.

I'm afraid I can't meet new friends at private residences without additional screening.


your travel companion


 When I say I know how to travel, safe to say I really know how to travel! I've been an expat since I was seven years old and have been to more than 40 countries. I'm fluent in four languages (meet me and find out what they are) and can order a drink in seven.


I also have a real talent for never having a bad meal while abroad. I love little local restaurants and love doing the research to find them. Above all, I have an unending curiosity for new places and am always an enthusiastic and engaged travel partner who spends minimal time checking Instagram.

Passport, TUMI suitcase, and me: you're all set!

twenty-four hours

All day and all night.


forty-eight hours/The weekend

Two days and two nights.


subsequent days

Per additional day.



Five day trip


seven day trip


fly me to you

I'm happy to fly to you for my posted standard rates plus my travel expenses.

A 50% deposit is required for all fly me to you dates.

west coast

Four hour minimum engagement.

girlfriend  $3000  |  risqué  $3800  |  bespoke  $4500 

+ travel expenses (air fare, hotel, taxis)


Six hour minimum engagement.

girlfriend  $4000  |  risqué  $5200  |  bespoke  $6400 

+ travel expenses (air fare, hotel, taxis)


Six hour minimum engagement.

girlfriend  $4000  |  risqué  $5200  |  bespoke  $6400 

+ travel expenses (air fare, hotel, taxis)


Twenty-four hour minimum engagement.


+ travel expenses (air fare, hotel, taxis)


Twenty-four hour minimum engagement.


+ travel expenses (air fare, hotel, taxis)





... is for my time and undivided attention only. Physical intimacy is neither guaranteed nor compensated.

payment methods

Cash (still king)



Venmo, CashApp + Paypal for trusted friends

HOw to Pay

If you are paying cash, please leave the consideration in an unsealed envelope somewhere obvious in the room.

If we're in public, you can pass me a card or book at a discreet moment.​


Having lived in busy cities so long, I'm punctual to a fault. I offer a ten minute grace period, but if you're more than ten minutes late, the length of our time together will be affected.


I understand that sometimes life happens and rescheduling or cancelling our date may be unavoidable. However, please understand that I plan my week in advance, and when I schedule a date with you, I have planned my day around it, and may have also turned down other opportunities so that we can meet. As such, please honor my cancellation policy to ensure smooth booking of myself and my colleagues in future.

more than 48 hours' notice no penalty
less than 48 hours' notice  |   deposits will be required in future

less than 24 hours' notice  |  50% cancellation fee

less than 12 hours' notice  |   100% cancellation fee

If I have to cancel or reschedule on my end (extremely unlikely; I have never rescheduled same-day), I will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible and of course return any deposits immediately.