First, let's talk about you for a second.

If I know you (and if you're here then I already do, a little) then I know you’re not an ordinary guy, which is good, because this isn't going to be anything close to ordinary.

Like they say, if you want the girl next door, go next door. 

A man I met once said I had "a body that could stop traffic". Another said I had "one of those pin-up girl faces". With my firm curves lushly filling out a tailored black dress that showcases my smooth white skin, the high cheekbones and large thickly-lashed blue-green eyes, my long pale blonde hair, and my full, kissable red mouth, I always command admiring glances as I walk across any room.

As soon as we meet and get to talking, any nervousness you may have had will dissipate
 as you start laughing at my jokes. I combine European manners with a down-to-earth sensibility that'll make you feel as if we've known each other for years. Maybe we'll keep the conversation light, maybe you want to talk about something you can't tell anyone in your real life: it's up to you. 

Having worked in a demanding corporate career post graduate school, I combine a worldly wealth of experience and a sharp intellect with an irresistible youthful optimism and a zest for life that never fails to perk up even the most jaded. My devotion to the sensual is kept under wraps in public, but peeks through in a flirtatious glance from under my lashes, a press of my stockinged thigh against yours under the table, a brief flash of a garter strap as I uncross my legs...

I think that in our day-to-day lives we’re constricted enough by “should” and “have to”. We’re ruled enough by our routines, our calendars, our phones, our bosses. We all wear a number of masks. Consider our time together your opportunity to take yours off and be completely yourself: for an hour, a day, a night. 


Every connection I make is deeply human and deeply authentic. I hope you’re ready, because we’re about to embark on the most diverting of adventures together.


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