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the fine print


Same-day meetings

I am busy and generally require at least 24 hours' notice to meet. In the rare circumstance I can accommodate a same-day request, this will incur a 50% "rush fee".

per-date flat fee +50% of full consideration 

in-date extensions

Schedule permitting.

per additional hour  $800 


Yes please! I love you, couples - please don't be shy! I'm genuinely 100% bisexual in my private life, and very much enjoy the physical and romantic company of women.

I'm the perfect first female encounter for your wife or girlfriend, and will go as slowly or as fast as her comfort level allows.

I have a two hour minimum for couples because after long experience I've found that any less is not long enough for the three of us to be comfortable. This goes double if it's your first time booking a companion as a couple. If in doubt, book a longer date.

two hour minimum

per-date flat fee  $400 

Local travel

Dates that require over an hour's travel each way incur an additional fee for my time.

per-date flat fee  $250 

incall dates (You visit me)

Setting and ambiance are of the utmost importance to me.

I host from luxury hotels (4* and above).

Please add $150 to partially subsidize my hosting cost in Austin. I will cover the remainder.

(If I am touring, this hosting fee does not apply.)

Let me arrange us a beautiful, discreet hideaway in a location convenient for you.
Please note that I require a 30% deposit to be paid in advance of all incall dates. This can be paid via any of the following methods: CashApp; Venmo; PayPal; BitCoin; Amazon giftcard.

per-date flat fee  $150 

Deposit 30% of total consideration

OUTcall dates (I visit YOU)

I am happy to meet you at your upscale hotel (4* and above).

I'm afraid I can't meet new friends at private residences.


Please note that I require a 30% deposit of the total consideration to be paid in advance in the following circumstances:

  • All incall dates

  • All outcall dates with new friends

  • All fly me/drive me to you dates

This can be paid via any of the following methods:
CashApp; Venmo; PayPal; BitCoin; Amazon gift card; other gift card (to be agreed upon).
Please note all deposits have a validity period of 6 months, after which they will be void.

More questions?

Please see my FAQ.

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