considerations: Texas + the midwest


applicable in:
austin, dallas, houston

chicago, st louis, salt lake city, minneapolis

You'll see that my considerations are weighted towards longer meetings. This is because I really enjoy the antici.... pation of an intimate evening over dinner or at an event, which gives us a chance to practice the dying art of real-life flirting. 

risqué  a more intense, sensual + wild experience  |  please enquire for details

bespoke  |  submissive/kink experiences  |  please enquire for details

one HOUR

Barest hello.
Limited to local outcall dates to hotels only, unless I am touring.

Available to new friends at my discretion.

girlfriend  $800  |  risqué  $1200  |  bespoke  $1600


one HOUR and a half 

You'll want more.

Minimum incall date engagement.

girlfriend  $1200  |  risqué  $1600  |  bespoke  $2000

two hours 

You deserve it! Enough time to really relax and get to know each other. 

girlfriend  $1600  |  risqué  $2000  |  bespoke  $2400 

three hours  |   COCKTAIL DATE

An hour for drinks beforehand, two hours private time.

Let's try a bit of that IRL flirting, shall we?  

girlfriend  $2000  |  risqué  $3000  |  bespoke  $4000 

four hours  |   LUNCH or Dinner DATE

Two hours for dining, two hours' private time.

Footsie under the table, an intimate corner booth.

My absolute favourite.

girlfriend  $2500  |  risqué  $4000  |  bespoke  $5000

Six hours  |   EVENING OUT

The entire evening from dusk til when my pumpkin carriage comes to collect me.

Dinner and perhaps a show? And of course plenty of private time. 

girlfriend  $3000  |  risqué  $5200  |  bespoke  $6400 

EIGHT hours  |   Afternoon + evening TOGETHER

Alive with possibilities. How shall we spend it?

girlfriend  $3500  |  risqué  $6500  |  bespoke  $8000 


Fourteen hours  |   sleepover

Let's go to bed together and wake up together.

girlfriend  $4500  |  risqué  $8000  |  bespoke  $10,000 

twenty-four hours


forty-eight hours/The weekend


subsequent days