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Tour Rates 

You'll see that my considerations are weighted towards longer meetings. I always prioritise longer dates in my diary. Nothing makes more of a favourable first impression on me than a new friend who books a longer date.

If in doubt, and if we haven't met before, you can't go wrong with my 3 (drinks) or 4 (dinner) hour packages.

Premium Experiences.

risqué  A more intense, sensual, and wild experience. Let's take things to the next level together. Your girlfriend ... with very few limits.

+500 per date

sensual kink  |  Bespoke submissive and kink experiences for those interested in exploring the exquisite heights and psychological push and pull of sensual domination and submission. 

+700 per date up to four hours; +1000 per date six hours and longer  

rumours brief encounters

ONE HOUR |  a blink  |  900 

ONE AND A HALF HOURS |  fleeting visit  |  1200

TWO HOURS |  an introduction  |  1600

THREE HOURS* |  cocktails, coffee?   |  2400

*recommended minimum for new friends

gold dust woman most requested, most desired

FOUR HOURS |  dinner/lunch date  |  2900

SIX TO EIGHT HOURS |  evening/day out  |  3800

EIGHT TO TEN HOURS  whole day/night out  |   4800

FOURTEEN HOURS |  overnight  |  5500

sixteen to eighteen HOURS |  overnight + breakfast in bed  |  6500

isn't it midnight deeper connections

twenty-four HOURS 7500 

forty-eight HOURS  |  11,000 

The Fine Print.

incall (You visit me)
Setting and ambiance are of the utmost importance to me. I host from luxury hotels (4* and above).

Please add $150 to partially subsidize my hosting cost. I will cover the remainder.

(If I am touring, this hosting fee does not apply unless you would like me to host in a different city than the one I am visiting; eg. I am touring NYC and you would like me to host in NJ.)
Let me arrange us a beautiful, discreet hideaway in a location convenient for you.

per-date fee  +150

incall+: The Suite life 

Allow me to arrange a luxe suite for us at a top hotel for maximum space, privacy, and vibe.
per-date fee  +800


outcall (I visit you)

I am happy to meet you at your upscale hotel (4* and above).

I'm afraid I can't meet new friends at private residences.

 Required for every date. A 30% deposit of the total consideration must be paid in advance via any of the following methods:
CashApp; Venmo; PayPal F&F; BitCoin; Amazon gift card; Wishtender; other gift card (to be agreed upon).
Please note all deposits have a validity period of 6 months, after which they will be void.​


 I love you, couples - please don't be shy! I'm genuinely 100% bisexual in my private life, and very much enjoy the physical and romantic company of women.
I'm the perfect first female encounter for your wife or girlfriend, and will go as slowly or as fast as her comfort level allows.

I have a two hour minimum for couples, because after long experience I've found that any less is not long enough for the three of us to be comfortable. This goes double if it's your first time booking a companion as a couple. If in doubt, book a longer date.
2h minimum
per-date fee +400

YES please!

Please note I only duo with women with whom I have an existing connection.

See my friends page to spark your imagination, or ask me for my list of more under-the-radar babes. 
my rate + hers

dates of 2h or more 
1) are my favourite
and 2) require some kind of refreshments (wine, bubbles, tea, coffee, fresh juice, your favourite macarons, cheese, whatever!) or activity (a bar, dinner, the theatre, a concert, an art gallery...).
If you would like me to provide the refreshments please just ask and kindly add $100.

in-date extensions 
Yes please, schedule allowing! 

in austin +700/h
on tour +900/h


local travel  
Dates that require driving/travel of more than one hour each way will incur a travel fee.



I understand that sometimes life happens and rescheduling or cancelling our date may be unavoidable. However, please understand that I plan my week in advance, and when I schedule a date with you, I have planned my day around it, and may have also turned down other opportunities so that we can meet.


As such, please honor my cancellation policy to ensure smooth booking of myself and my colleagues in future.

Cancellations with more than 48 hours' notice: deposit will be reapplied to a future date (within 3 months)

Cancellations within 48 hours' notice: deposit will be forfeited as a cancellation fee

Cancellations within 24 hours' notice: 100% of the consideration

Cancellations for any date on a tour: 80% of the consideration


Multiple cancellations will affect my ability to fit you into my schedule in the future.

Failure to pay the requested cancellation fee within 24 hours of the cancellation will result in your behaviour being reported to the wider community and a lifetime ban from seeing me.


If I have to cancel or reschedule on my end (extremely unlikely; I have never rescheduled same-day), I will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible and of course return any deposits immediately.


Still have questions? please see  my FAQ

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