My favourite

place  rome or tokyo

night out hong kong

hobby woodwork

ALBUM rumours - fleetwood mac

artist david hockney

FILM in the mood for love - wong kar wai

Wine domaine vacheron sancerre "l'enclos des remparts"

spirit hendrick's gin

cocktail extra dirty gin martini, white russian 

snack salt & vinegar crisps, dark chocolate 

DESIGNER valentino, chanel

SCENT J'adore by dior by day, chanel noir by night

LINGERIE studio pia, bordelle

animal cats


The perfect dirty gin martini in a dimly lit NYC hotel bar

not quoting Anais Nin or Pablo Neruda anywhere on this websiteg kong

Cycling around European cities on a bike with a basket

DANCING like everyone’s watching

singing karaoke in front of the largest audience possible

READING my horoscope but not taking it seriously at all

making things with my hands